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Panchabhautik Chikitsa

We see so many patients who are not cured by modern medicine and so also by Tridosha method of Ayurveda. Panchabhautik Chikitsa - a branch of Ayurveda - offers a new dimension of examination and treatment.

Some highlights of this method are:

  • The consideration of typical causative factors (Hetus ) and their treatment is the basic line of this treatment. Most contemporary Vaidyas hardly think of this.
  • The special formulations and process of preparations reduces the dose and the side effects to the patients. Most Vaidyas can't think of such small doses.
  • The number of medicines required to practise this method is the lowest. The contents are mainlly herbs which are widely available and are not so costly. This makes panchabhautik chikitsa very economical, as opposed to modern medicines or other Ayurvedic methods.
  • Stress plays an important role in our hectic lives today. The research on stress and its treatment is a unique contribution of this method.

This unique method of treatment was developed by the late Vaidyaraj A. V. Datar Shastriji who devoted his life to the observations and research. In a way he was nothing less than a warrior. His contribution was recognized by conferring the highest title 'Brihattrayeeratna' on him on Sept 10, 1995.

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