Terms & Conditions

  1. Certification of course completion would be awarded only after payment of full fee and successfully passing the final examination.
  2. VDPCK reserves the right to disqualify a candidate for providing false information, submitting improper documents or for misconduct in a particular course.
  3. VDPCK reserves the right to revise/change the curriculum, the course structure or course delivery methodology without prior notice.
  4. Fees once paid will not be refunded. Fee transfer to other person is not entertained in any circumstances.
  5. The payment will be refunded completely if the applicant is not selected for the program.
  6. The application form will be processed only after payment is realized / received by VDPCK.
  7. Candidates shall be eligible to attend contact program only after full payment of fee and completion of lecture and live sessions schedule.
  8. Contact programs shall be conducted in batches and therefore may not start immediately after completion of study modules. This may result in extended duration of the entire course.
  9. Candidates shall be informed about the dates of contact program in advance. Once intimated, it is necessary for the candidate to attend the contact program.

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